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Organization and optimization of business in China. Manufacture, purchasing and consulting.

Our service saves people time and money!

Our company provides the following services:

 Communication with suppliers. Keeping in touch and communicating information over the phone, Skype, etc. Business correspondence on agreed scope of issues with designated suppliers and contractors. 
 Finding suppliers and contractors according to сlient’s requirements on certain type of product, goods, services, etc. The search is implemented in accordance with the terms agreed by the сlient. We can demonstrate our customers a time-efficient approach along with the ability to save considerable sums of money for further project development. 
 Working at manufacturing exhibitions and Industry Forums held in various parts of China. We organize visiting of exhibitions either with participation of client’s representative or delegation, or without Client’s specialists, using our own resources. 
 Negotiations with suppliers in the best interests of the client. A wide range of possible topics for negotiation on the issues of client’s business support. Placing orders, discussing technological processes, essential terms of the contract, etc. 
 Production and process control. On providing this service a wide range of tasks may be stipulated: beginning from preliminary audit of a selected company, including project or work team expertise with the help of pre-planned interview, and ending by finished product shipping control on supplier’s factory premises. 
 Advisory support to concerned parties. We can also provide client services online. 
 Pre-contract and contract work. Formulation and negotiation of terms of future cooperation, achievement of profitable contractual terms, taking meeting minutes and putting the conditions discussed on contract plans, contract design implementation as well as preparation of documents for signature by decision-making persons from both parties.
 Claim settlement includes analysis of the causes of a claim, ascertainment of those responsible for breakdown and failure to properly perform the stipulated conditions, as well as demand of complete and proper performance of obligations, or voluntary compensation of incurred losses
  Pre-trial mediation of industrial and financial disputes. 
 Development of production and purchasing projects. This process can be started from scratch. For example, a project of foreign company establishment in China aiming at manufacture and export of certain products, including all organizational and registration activities, finding production area, negotiation of terms of cooperation and other necessary support. The result of this work will be a pre-calculated initial business plan of primary activities on product manufacture. 
 Responsible project management. Following the content of the previous paragraph, everything that is done by the contractor after the preliminary project development and client’s decision about project organization and its financing can be referred to as management of this project. This can include signing of office/manufacturing facilities/warehouses lease agreements, also hiring of personnel and their supervision, finding suppliers and contractors and holding negotiations with them; pre-contract and contract activities, communication support, further monitoring and control of production processes up to shipment of finished products to the customer. 
 Stage-by-stage control as well as finished product quality control, with the involvement of an independent surveyor, if necessary. 
and more 

  We are paying great attention to the quality of our service! 

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