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Eastway Business Consulting Ltd

Consultancy and services

                                                               Our main objectives

  - development and promotion of production and procurement projects    communication support, development of relationships, business transactions monitoring
  responsible management of business and manufacturing projects   logistics, business processes optimization  

                                                Company consulting schemes
   communication support, production and trade issues negotiations   project assessment, quality control, control of production and its separate stages 
   building mutually beneficial cooperation relationships with Chinese partners  consulting on parties’ contractual obligations implementation
   project planning and implementation in the best interests of the customer  on-line consulting of concerned parties on business issues in China, etc. 

      Our services are in particular demand as the customers usually want their goods from China to be of high quality! 

                                        Cooperation is supported by a contract

                                           (Our company offers the following options for cooperation: )

                     one time services and communication are possible to be provided online or by phone 

                     customer interests support during the development of a particular project 

                     customer support on a permanent or a long-term basis

                Our customers rely on our experience in dealing with various issues 

  parties communication support   search of suppliers and contractors
  production control, management
   working at manufacturing exhibitions and Industry Forums
  negotiations, discussion of the details and projects
   drafting, negotiation and signing of the contract
  obligations fulfillment monitoring
   authorized quality control of the product;  
organization of independent surveyor inspection

  assistance in transport logistics
   other production and tactical processes

Using our service you will always have high quality goods from China!

We provide consulting and support to organizations and individuals in their plans implementation as well as goal attainment. We turn dreams and plans into reality. 

Our services help your organization to simplify the process of making organizational changes to the Chinese branch in the field of your business

We successfully develop and provide our customers with solutions for production problems. We provide training and consulting for individuals and organizations, encouraging employees and motivating them for goal attainment, we also help individuals to become professional and experienced specialists. 
Partnership development in consulting, new research and pilot projects.

We are happy to share our success with reliable and competent people! 


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