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  company`s history     

Eastway Business Consulting Ltd – we are business consulting company.

 The legal form: a Hong Kong limited company. Small private business with an authoritarian management and funding.

 Company was created based on the accumulated for over 20 years long experience in commerce, consulting, organization and management of individual projects and general managing of various organizations and individuals in the markets of China and other countries.

 If needed we involve in cooperation and goal achievement experienced business people, owners and top managers of successful companies, experts in the field of production and procurement, consulting and law, international trade and economic relations, transportation, industrial, administrative, customs and financial logistics.

 Eastway Business Consulting Ltd develops well-based long-term cooperation relationships with highly skilled professionals and prospective business partners in many countries across the Europe, Asia and other continents.

 In the nearest feature, developed project is transfered to a structure organizer, which is an international consulting group. Project include in itself a world-known and extremely skilled and experienced specialists, EASTWAY BC LTD benefits from support of wide-range business partners from all over the world. Our company is steadily moving to that edge.

 These days our company offers to its clients consulting services and legal contribution to their business development. This is directly connected with the development of markets, production and procurement and also the organization and management of individual business projects in PRC. Of cause, this is accompanied by a considerable number of organizational processes and mutual approvals. Mainly, our clients take part of the private middle-size and large companies.

 We would like to introduce some brief personal and professional information about our company’s leader. Our leader’s CV reflects his corporate experience and the way he passed to become an expert in Chinese business field, until he created and became in charge of a company, supervising significant industrial projects.
                      Thank you for your attention to our company!
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