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Good start of any business project requires from a customer to receive and understand significant volume of introductory background information. It is almost impossible to make right payments on the business plan and take weighted decisions without such information.

It is a good idea to contact us, and entrust us to collect such kind of information on your behalf, than asking for an on-line counseling, whatever field or area of business in China your project is started.

 Please check the experience of our work in China, visit Catalogue page and thematic subsection About Company. By brief view over these sections you may have an idea – this is specific industries and specializations of business where we already have sufficient experience and specific knowledge, even the management experience of industrial individual projects. This could help to decide - whether our experience is sufficient for a big project management, or small instruction.

 If you are interested in topics which you could not find in our source - however, it is worth to ask a question. Our experience is quite significant in the indicated fields and directions of business development; however we are good in other things too. We don’t have sufficient time to describe all the projects which we were ever involved in. Moreover, in some areas you may not need a thorough knowledge of the subject - it is enough to translate some articles from the Internet, ask some questions set by experts - and finally information found from public sources may be able to satisfy the customer by its completeness and accuracy - this also happens. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us with a question - we are not going to take care of anything in excess of our capabilities and strength, but we are always happy to provide our esteemed customers qualified assistance.

 Write a list of questions on paper please, select the necessary info and let us know in writing form, what information you are interested in.

 On our site there is an online service advisor - a pop-up window on the right.  Our expert will answer your questions. If he is in off-line mode, please post it in the message and your letter will be sent directly to our inbox. We will contact and talk to you soon.

 Recommended deadline for applications of pretty complicated case in terms of consultation is at least two working days prior to the date of counseling. When it comes to more complex issues or require a significant amount of accurate, reliable data - training period may be extended.

 During the day, you will get the answer to your query – you will find specific details regarding your consultations: the date of consultation, cost, and a precise time allocated to you - as well as the method of communication for the consultation interview with a specialist.

 Contact us - we will help you find a lot of useful background information on China.


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