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why us

   EASTWAY BC LTD - it is a key to success of your business in China!

A lot of Russian as well as foreign companies and private entrepreneurs consider production in China and management of procurements – a main and strategic direction of their daily work and major milestone in their development. This fact is obvious for all business people from all over the world. There is a slight difference and a bunch of features when you work on Eastern market, especially on a Chinese market. Basing on experience of our predecessors (centuries history) we know, that the ONLY successful business model could be here in China, if you build a correct and good mannered business and personal relationship inside the “customer – supplier” system.

Is there a way to start these relationships in a correct and unbeatable way, in order to succeed from the very first contract, especially when a Western customer is a freshman on an Eastern Market? It looks as a hard and a big Question, because there are significant difference between cultures and business traditions, it is hard to explain for those who even don’t render how to talk here and how do the Chinese people differ from us?!

It is essential for all who are new on this market to look for the local proven and reliable companion, provider or consultant in order to establish successful relationships in the media of suppliers and counterparties, to have an ability to develop and optimize business projects in China. For the honest companion or provider this does not look as an easy job. Major part of the counterparties which work on a Chinese market and call themselves “Consulting Companies” are fraudulent and make business buying and selling goods from the factories to their clients. Making this secretly, they take part of the trade turnover of the supplier, making money on the part of orders of their clients.

 This is quietly unpleasant to talk about, but these days “consulting” by definition, was lost on the Chinese market, mainly the pure and competitive meaning of the word consulting is lost almost everywhere in the East. We started from 1989 and we’ve got personal and corporative experience of cultural and business relationship with China and Chinese companies, we know that there is no way to be like this, and we state for the pure and real consulting. Mainly, (but not everywhere) current state of affairs on the Chinese market is a big mistake and we know that there is no way to be like this anymore.

By practicing honest and transparent consulting we want to restore the pure meaning of the consulting, and let know our clients and followers(readers) that our mission is right consulting as it is, the way we feel it and the way we do it.

 Eastway Business Consulting Ltd – is an international consulting company. We offer beneficial collaboration based on a fundamentally new conditions.

We offer you a program of consulting and support (providing) in volumes of specific agreements, without attempts to impose additional packages of incorrect and unnecessary services.

Beneficial features of our company

 Goods manufacturing in China and direct procurement, without intermediaries.

We — Eastway Business Consulting Ltd. do not perform trade or intermediaries operations on our own. We offer you consulting services and assistance on all previously agreed questions which involve specific projects and business organization in China.

 Fully transparent pricing policy, Payment for a specific result

Being assisted in solving of agreed tasks only, the one-time payment is paid for the services provided. 

The entire cooperation program is thoroughly worked out personally with the customer on all vital milestones, which are fixed in the agreements in a precise manner, on specific and mutually beneficial conditions.

 Reliable base of suppliers

Years of successful work allowed us to establish business relationships with a large number of Chinese manufacturers and contractors, and we’ve collected reliable suppliers in different specific areas of business. This allows us to directly bring our client's desired manufacturer; therefore our customer receives goods from China without intermediaries.

 Protecting your interests

We don’t ask for the interest in your business offering help to organize your Chinese collaboration or business, we don’t share business with Chinese companies. What we do is we work in customer’s best interests and apply flat fixed rate on the services provided. Extensive practical experience and profound knowledge of the legal framework and practice in both countries – these allows us to reliably protect customer’s interests in a foreign country.

 Full range of services

We could offer full range of services for the customers, depends of what you choose, starting from simple advices full of wisdom and Chinese business experience. We could also look for suppliers for you and on your behalf, we even could develop a project of manufacturing and procurement and quality controlling, holding under control even manufacture stages, final production, product shipment and dispatch. We provide high quality services, achieving goals of our client’s and solving their issues of different kind, achieving precisely described goals. To be more specific, you could see the price list of our services on this page.

The three main principles which we use as an Eastway BC Ltd 

and why people trust us

 Maximum transparency
We have for many years worked quietly and worthy to make impeccable reputation and our reputation now is on our side. Today we are as open as possible and keep promoting the principles of transparency and honesty in the relationship with customers. There is a serious talk, because we deal with the abroad business, and people trust us. We are keen in the deal what we are collaborate with each client. Thus, even for juicy revenue we are not going to handle project with uncertain projections.

Obligations fulfillment is the key to long-term relationships with our customers. We have always kept our word, and we value our business relationship.

  Attention to details
Over the years, we were able to understand that accurate and careful attention to details plays a major role and determines the long-term and successful cooperation. Thus, we are very sensitive about little things, learning opportunities for all the information about suppliers, intermediaries, etc. Before making a decision to do business in China, we clarify the responsibilities; discuss with the client all possible options.

Our business style allows us to hold all clients and to attract new clients and some of the new clients were recommended by the pleased clients who already collaborated and established good deal contracts in China with our help. More than 70% of our clients came to us using recommendations of their friends, and this is very important parameter for us.

 If you have any question we are ready to answer them through our feedback form, or just call us.

 Still have doubts in our professional skills? Than just rely on us an assignment. Which one? Why don’t you call us and we decide what you really need, which services would be a part of your goals and which needs would be profitable and really needed for you and your business. Just a few minutes of business talk is going to show you how you could do simple things faster and cheaper, so that you will be able to decide if you are ready to make our collaboration deeper.

 Just call us and check all by yourself!

   EWBC.RU - it is your compass on the eastern way.!©

Now we`ll tell you why it is worth paying attention to our company:

  • Оптимальная программа консалтинга без навязывания вам лишних услуг
  • Предоставление комплекса услуг - от консультаций до отгрузки продукции
  • Размещение производства или закупка товаров из Китая без посредников
  • Проверенная годами работы база поставщиков в разных сферах бизнеса
  • Прозрачная ценовая политика с оплатой за оговоренный результат
  • Максимальная открытость для клиента, внимание к мелочам и деталям

Компания отмечает профессиональный юбилей - в 2019-м году исполняется 30 лет с того дня, как мы начали свой путь в бизнесе с Китаем.

Стаж в бизнесе с Китаем 25 лет Наш опыт - гарантия Вашего успеха!

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