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About the Catalogue

Company’s experience in the field of production and procurement in China
Reference information 

This catalogue was created to promptly, thoroughly and openly provide our valued readers and potential customers with considerable experience of our company’s specialists. For this site users’ convenience we would like to form a correct and comprehensive impression of our common way in China as well as to provide some facts about our company members’ area of expertise in various business sectors and certain successful projects. 

After getting acquainted with the sections of this catalogue the reader can better understand which areas of business, industry and production are within our company expertise. This will certainly help to easily find proper services that one would like to order from our service list, and also to tell us his private opinion or wishes for the future. 

Your constructive proposals are always welcome. We are in constant development, and we need to know honest opinions of our readers, colleagues and customers. Our catalogue is being regularly updated with new interesting projects, broadening the range of products and spheres of activity. 

Consulting is in great demand today, whether it is production of ferro-alloys, or manufacture of watches. Now is the time when the price for information about the product can be higher than a good batch of the product itself. So, timely provided professional assistance and competent advice on the merits can save the customer a significant part of the project budget. 

Please note that product samples and descriptions given on this site are not for sale. There is no product price-list on this site as we do not sell any items. We strongly believe that goods are to be sold by their immediate manufacturer and we try our best at encouraging these processes. Such attitudes and methods can save the time and money of the end buyers, and create additional convenience for those who apply for consulting services. 

So, our company does not sell goods, we are neither sellers, nor intermediaries. 
We are a consulting company. 

We provide consulting and support services in the business of manufacturing and purchasing in China. In other words, we take our customer to the right production company, introduce him directly to the Chinese supplier, organize negotiations which would be proper for both sides, carry out pre-contract and contract work, that is production and product quality control, help to maintain contact, and also provide many other business services. There is, however, direct communication on all the issues between the customer and the supplier, and the prices as well as other conditions of cooperation are totally transparent to both sides! 

More information on the scope of our services and the method of their provision can be found at the Services section of our site. 

If you have any questions, please contact us via the feedback form or using one of the methods given in the contacts section, or talk to an on-line consultant (the panel on the right). 

Thank you for your attention to our website!


Now we`ll tell you why it is worth paying attention to our company:

  • Оптимальная программа консалтинга без навязывания вам лишних услуг
  • Предоставление комплекса услуг - от консультаций до отгрузки продукции
  • Размещение производства или закупка товаров из Китая без посредников
  • Проверенная годами работы база поставщиков в разных сферах бизнеса
  • Прозрачная ценовая политика с оплатой за оговоренный результат
  • Максимальная открытость для клиента, внимание к мелочам и деталям

Компания отмечает профессиональный юбилей - в 2019-м году исполняется 30 лет с того дня, как мы начали свой путь в бизнесе с Китаем.

Стаж в бизнесе с Китаем 25 лет Наш опыт - гарантия Вашего успеха!

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