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conflict resolution

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If we conduct a profound thinking process about the problem of the conflict from a psychologist point of view or ask a psychologist, doctor will say about this: the reason is in the difference of characters, interests, attitudes, habits, natures, etc. In practice, this leads to the following: conflicts in industrial and personal relationships between the customer and supplier degrade the performance of teams and individuals, disrupt production schedules and deliveries, lowers productivity, turnover and profit.

 Many of our nationals who work in business with international companies which are representatives of the other ethnic groups, often contrasting cultures - it is worth to think about the reasons which may lead to lack of understanding of the parties. In some cases, complete disagreement and denial - even when the dialogue is supported by experienced translators.

This problem is particularly specific when you make business with China.

 We know the answer to that question - and are happy to share our experience with our customers.

 By the usage of various methods of conflict resolution, we help build better relationships between managers and employees, suppliers and customers.

 We have considerable experience in pre-court settlement of conflicts in the relationship between the customer and supplier in China.

 It may seem a significant advantage of someone's ability to win business affairs in a court. We will not argue with that statement, but with one proviso. For a good lawyer - this is certainly true. Finally, it is his profession – he is working daily to drive the process and to achieve recognition and satisfaction of the customer claim in the court.

 We are proud to have and ability, a measure of professionalism, experience and will to negotiate existing relationships between the parties and not to bring the conflict to the court proceedings. 

In our consulting practice which is performed for the decades, we do not have even one court case!

       Every issue – industrial, legal, or financial conflicts, as well as complex issues of cooperation of the parties have turned to us about the customers - were permitted us timely and successfully, without the involvement of the judicial or police authorities - only by the means of negotiations.

   Call us - tell us about your conflict.

  We are going to help you find the reasons and win particular case.


Now we`ll tell you why it is worth paying attention to our company:

  • Оптимальная программа консалтинга без навязывания вам лишних услуг
  • Предоставление комплекса услуг - от консультаций до отгрузки продукции
  • Размещение производства или закупка товаров из Китая без посредников
  • Проверенная годами работы база поставщиков в разных сферах бизнеса
  • Прозрачная ценовая политика с оплатой за оговоренный результат
  • Максимальная открытость для клиента, внимание к мелочам и деталям

Компания отмечает профессиональный юбилей - в 2019-м году исполняется 30 лет с того дня, как мы начали свой путь в бизнесе с Китаем.

Стаж в бизнесе с Китаем 25 лет Наш опыт - гарантия Вашего успеха!

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