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projects evaluation

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 Expert assessment of the projects 

 and analysis of a company or a team of specialists.

экспертиза проектов It is a detailed analysis of partner who is involved for cooperation, or analysis of a team which performs an order of proposed to the expertise project.

This includes holding of individual interviews on topics of interest and specific production issues.

 The customer helps to work out (create) questions and topic that we ask, or explore in the general or confidential interviews, with a supplier of goods or services.

 Then we agree on the time and the interview scenario, provide involvement of the interested persons, and conduct a survey of participants in the interest of the customer’s object, stressing important organizational issues or objectives of the project.

 The final report will reflect the strengths and weaknesses of the project and the project executors, the necessary recommendation would be given.

  Expert evaluation of the company helps to get a clear and vivid picture of the available strengths in a Chinese counterpart, and demonstrates areas which require attention. These measures allow conquering trust of all participants, and accurately assessing the current situation.

 This set of measures is extremely useful in practice for adapting the customer in conjunction with the provider of goods and services, determining the overall effectiveness of the project possible risks.

 This service can be provided separately or it can be included in agreement of the parties in the negotiation of comprehensive services and production control within the designated time for the event.

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