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basic terms


Cooperation process includes the following steps 

 Familiarization with the content of the project in writing form; these includes situation description in details, demands and wishes of the applicant. Business talks regarding the discussed project.

 Providing clients and agree with him best for his case list of services and rates of their value.

 Conclusion of the agreement; customer pays for the services.

 Profound study by the specialist order capabilities and features, market conditions and final selection of the most suitable for the customer's manufacturers, component suppliers, etc.

 Whether independent decision or as agreed with the customer, attraction of necessary specialists, parts suppliers, subcontractors and contractors.

 Provision of options in which client is interested; trends or solutions regarding the discussed task or project development

 Selection and approval of the most favorable task solution, or path for the project development

 After successful negotiations, discussion and approval of the terms of cooperation and/or signing a contract with the supplier to the customer, it is usually assumed two possible paths of further collaboration:

 Our work is finished when customer receives full information in the form of a report regarding the work done. Such report is usually agreed before we begin our collaboration. If necessary, customer receives our recommendations for a program of further action in this area. Then, customer continues to work on its own, directly with the selected supplier or contractor.
 If the client would like to, our company could continue giving him necessary assistance and support to rule the Chinese part of his business and perform effective project management.

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  • Оптимальная программа консалтинга без навязывания вам лишних услуг
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  • Размещение производства или закупка товаров из Китая без посредников
  • Проверенная годами работы база поставщиков в разных сферах бизнеса
  • Прозрачная ценовая политика с оплатой за оговоренный результат
  • Максимальная открытость для клиента, внимание к мелочам и деталям

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