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  We are involved in serious and interesting projects all across the China! 

Good luck to all, dear readers and potential customers!
         We perform all our projects, trying to invest our knowledge and experience in your business; we are trying our best because we love our work. If you have an idea or just a desire to start an interesting project with this country’s business people, we will help you turn your dream into reality. Our style – we do everything in-time, thoroughly and without much rash. We prefer to have sufficient time to study available proposals of the customer at the beginning, define all the details and then we can provide the customer offers on his best choice: either a single service or a selected range of services, which he or she would consider the best for his situation. Sometimes, a customer may want to get a full range of services for its project – from essential business talks, support and communications, till the end, which are shipments control, or packed products control before they dispatch for export in the client’s country. We use a creative approach to work, we always try to be attentive to the wishes of the client and we are willing to discuss ways of cooperation in each specific case.

     We love challenging, interesting projects, discoveries, development of business and innovations, but most of all - old friends and new noble customers. Anticipating the question of interested people, we want to present some brief explanations to our readers here.

        WHAT WE DO

  Consulting; development, communication support, negotiation and management of various projects of production and procurement of a wide range of products and a variety of equipment in China.

   Details on the services types please check the services section.

        WHAT WE DON`T DO

 We don’t perform various document translations. There is a translation agency for this work.

 We never perform test tasks. 

 Never make shopping on the street markets in China; retail purchases.

 We never work for entertainment events and tours; Please, contact a travel agents - it's their business.

 We do not sell goods, we make pure consulting following the main idea of our company’s creation, and you could get acquainted with our services everywhere on our website!

 We do not finish projects started by anyone, the reason is simple: we do not want to be responsible for someone else's mistakes.

 We do not work on small tasks, and do not perform small, unexciting and routine work. Consultations and communications we do not refer to such type of work, we understand them and treat them as a specific professional services. In most cases such work require significant experience, knowledge and these procedures are time spending.

 Do not appreciate and or review other people's projects. We believe that everyone is free to decide what and how to do.

 We do not work for politics, militaries or any governmental agencies; we also do not collaborate with the state economical institution of higher spheres. We are a small private company and we provide bold consulting service to the private businesses.

 We do not work with the projects which refer gambling, religion, escort services of any kind, magic, fortune-telling, MLM and so on…

 We are not engaged in the supply of counterfeit goods and we don’t give out advice on these matters.

 Please, treat the following with understanding: It makes no sense to ask us to evaluate a project, to negotiate, to obtain rates of prices and conditions, contacts or/and other information regarding suppliers and the goods with no pay for our work (free of charge), based on your promises of possible future cooperation afterwards. The request will be wittingly denied.

       Our time, as well as the customer's time cost money. According to the search results or performed negotiations, we transfer the supplier with all agreed information, and information about himself and about the details of cooperation directly to the client immediately. The same rule applies to other orders and services - we fulfill them immediately, at the agreed time with the client, and present a report immediately. For this reason, we cannot promise to work for and interest in the future - we are working for the money now. This approach allows us to create the most favorable conditions and provide the most optimal cost rates for any client’s significant project.

         If we decide to build your business and customer relationships in another way - we would become brokers or dealers, resellers, and not a consulting company - and then it would be another price in figures to the total cost for the customer. Of course, this is needed to be recognized and accepted, and taken into account not the least.


Discussion and approval of task in details ---> Preparation and signing of final agreement on cooperation in an appropriate form with indicating of all work details ---> Payment ---> Work ---> Feedback.

Review or recommendation usually is written on “if-possible” policy, and always based on an agreement with client. We understand and appreciate desire of different customers to be secretly treated as business people who work with Chinese procurements. Thus, we never insist on reviews or recommendations, even if project was really hard and bold and worth a review. We treat clients’ interests as a treasure.


 We communicate only be the means which are specified on our official website contacts page

 We do not initiate communication with the customers; we only respond customer’s public service requests which are indicated in our list of services. When we respond requests we indicate link of the request in the body of a response. We never ever use spam mailing or any other sort of group mailing. Reason is simple - there is no need for us.

 We have only one request to a potential customer – we want a detailed presentation from the very beginning of the business talks, and we want our customers to be as much precise as it humanly possible regarding the project. We kindly ask customers to consider this as a reasonable necessity. Hardly anyone is interested in communication with anonymous users and take into consideration strange or doubtful orders.

 Please be careful and do not appeal to our clones, which already appeared in the network.


 9:00 a.m. - 18:00 accept orders and communicate. Our time zone - GMT + 8:00 hours - (Hong Kong - Beijing)

 At other times - please pre-inform by mail or Skype to commence the negotiations.

 We work weekends and holidays by preliminary agreement.

 Rush orders are possible in case of overpay.


 TT Bank transfer to Hong Kong Bank account.
 WebMoney, PayPal. (By preliminary agreement only, and only for small amounts, up to U.S. $ 500 one-time payment)
 For regular customers there may be other ways of payment on request. 

 In our CATALOGUE and PORTFOLIO you could only see a part of our work and experience; these are a few reason of it:

- First, we do not want to take you attention and get you bored, the reason is, we were involved in a significant number of bold projects.
- Secondly, not all of our grateful clients have the ability and desire to write feedback openly, in particular – for the above indicated reasons.

 Pre-payments – are not refundable. 

We discuss all details, everything, every part of collaboration before client make an order and performs a payment. If the customer after detailed discussion still has some doubts - we ask him to share his issue and we specify the needed sources. We do not insist on immediate payment and do not to attract customers by the cheap or dubious offers.

    Respect to all the readers of our site!


Now we`ll tell you why it is worth paying attention to our company:

  • Оптимальная программа консалтинга без навязывания вам лишних услуг
  • Предоставление комплекса услуг - от консультаций до отгрузки продукции
  • Размещение производства или закупка товаров из Китая без посредников
  • Проверенная годами работы база поставщиков в разных сферах бизнеса
  • Прозрачная ценовая политика с оплатой за оговоренный результат
  • Максимальная открытость для клиента, внимание к мелочам и деталям

Компания отмечает профессиональный юбилей - в 2019-м году исполняется 30 лет с того дня, как мы начали свой путь в бизнесе с Китаем.

Стаж в бизнесе с Китаем 25 лет Наш опыт - гарантия Вашего успеха!

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