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In this column we tell the reader about our practical experience 
in consulting and conducting business in China.

What do we produce and sell in China?

08/11/13 By: Igor A.Kozlov  Source: © author's text 

What do we produce and sell in China?
      Good day everybody: 

Услуги консалтинга в Китае

Now we will take some time and once again introduce to the reader a general view of the topic as well as specifics of what we produce and sell in the market. This will help you comprehend the main lines of our business, which are quite narrow and obviously there are not so many experienced specialists in them, though not everyone understands this fact. So far, many people still think that the essence of consulting is pure mediation! We are sorry to disappoint those who think so and act according to these thoughts by our disagreeing. For us, the word ‘mediator’ is next to abusive, especially when it comes to projects development in business with China. Here and there, in private conversations, we have already touched upon this topic and expressed our opinion about those who would believe these words are synonymous and would openly name trade, mediation and even hidden profiteering as consulting. Many of them would also sincerely consider themselves as our competitors.

 Sorry, dear ‘competitors’, if we have said something not very flattering! We are almost the same people. Some of us just think it right to do anything we are somehow capable of and calling our activities in the most convenient and beneficial way. And it can be understood, everybody wants to earn money on such things and if someone enjoys it - this is his choice. We are not going to argue and persuade anyone. 

 However, it would be a mistake to believe that the subject of consulting in production and procurement of goods in China has nothing to do with the trade in these goods. These two subjects are connected so, that one seems to be impossible without the other. And although there is a significant difference, however, selling consulting services in this business undergoes exactly product demonstration as well as various processes of these products manufacture. One has to understand how to link it so that the reader would get the idea and like it. We had to try our best in telling about this in our articles in the most possibly detailed and clear way

 So, it does not make any sense speaking about ‘consulting in China’ in its broad meaning, without specification of separate spheres of activity, that is ‘production and procurement of goods’. Indeed, we do not provide consultation to our clients on absolutely any issues in China. For example, we do not specialize in the art of Chinese painting and calligraphy, we are also not very useful in professional consultations on Chinese medicine, Chinese poetry, music, dance and other topics, which are although related to China, but are not directly related to our business. We also do not discuss and touch upon political and economic issues at the state level, or other upper sphere levels.

 We are a small, but highly experienced private company. We provide our services only to representatives of Russian and international private business in the Chinese market. This may also be a large or medium-sized business. Our vision of our usefulness for the client is in the practical approach to solving tasks entrusted to us. Expediency and sufficient expertise of our experience in industry and manufacture makes the use value of our services in the market. If we are to implement a project or a specific order, we try our best to solve the problem and achieve the goal. But we do not take up just any task and we would not recommend our clients to entrust to us all sorts of projects and tasks, thinking that we should implement anything just because you pay us the money. We set a high value on our professional reputation and if during the discussion of details of the upcoming cooperation there appears any reasonable doubt, we would not take up the project regardless of the fee amount proposed by the client.

 We have been successfully providing advise and assistance on production and procurement business in China for a long time already and it is connected with goods directly. Whether we like it or not, we have to show some goods on catalogue, for example, various kinds of electronics, and explain the client about this product, for example a TV made in China, and if the precious customer wishes - we have experience in this subject, as well as reliable contacts and good relationship with the manufacturer of these TVs. And we can link you directly, without any commissions and markup price, with the holder of concern producing these TVs. You pay once for our service and the supplier is yours forever, furthermore we help you to negotiate and set the most beneficial terms of cooperation so that you can get the best product price from him directly.

 If the client gets interested in our offer, we negotiate conditions of work with him. After that, as a rule, everything goes according to the preliminarily agreed plan, that is we hold negotiations, provide communication support of the parties, carry out a number of expert examination of individual initial stages of project cooperation, pre-contract and contract preparation. After that we implement immediate control of production stages and finished products shipment. So, these activities along with the time spent on them, cost you the money, that’s exactly what we charge fees for. We do not just buy a Chinese TV at ¥1000 here and sell it in Moscow for $1000 to wholesale customers.

 We do not sell goods, we offer consulting and assistance services - that’s the idea of our business. It is with our help, that the customer finds in China the product he is interested in and establishes direct cooperation relations with its manufacturer or supplier.

 All the bidding procedures, with or without our participation, the buyer holds directly with the seller. Our part is to provide timely and competent consultation on how to carry out bidding and negotiation. Usually, we conduct negotiations on the terms of deals on behalf of the client and at his benefit. After all, that makes a significant and important difference: whether to do repurchasing and reselling, concealing the supplier from the client and giving the client inflated price, or to provide transparent consulting and assistance in the interests of the customer, openly presenting him the supplier and all the terms of future cooperation.

      You can not but agree, that there is a difference, and a very significant one.

    So, dear readers, this is our idea of business and methods of its implementation. We hope, this may help someone in the future work and when making a choice with whom personally to do business in China.
Thank you for your attention!
With respect to all readers. 
August 09 - 2013 ©Google+
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